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Project Type & Involvement

Work for Wall Street English - Product Design


Feb 2017 - Aug 2018


Mobile - wireframe only


Creating a new activity design for the mid-level wall street English students. This is primarily focused on china and secondary focused on the rest of the country.

My Role

I was the sole product designer working on creating activities right from scratch by strategizing, conceptualizing, designing, and delivering the hand-offs to the developers working for multiple platforms. My primary responsibilities included defining the product strategy, the vision for the product, wireframing low fidelity designs to prototyping high fidelity designs, and collaborating with the product managers and developers by managing the entire design lifecycle in bringing out the product live.


Have created a conversation about daily life activity. So the student can remember how to talk to others in a daily life conversation.

Artboard Copy 6.png

Find correct words

1. Some words have similar sounds in that case we have to educate them on the difference between those words. 

2. Some wrong words are added in between the sentences, Students need to find the correct word by choosing one option below.

Artboard Copy 7.png


Some basic or difficult words for pronunciation practice as an activity. From Chinese to English their slang of pronunciation may differ so this activity will help them to learn how to pronounce the word.

Artboard Copy 5.png

Find the Present, Past, and Future Tenses.

To educate the current, past, future tenses I have created interaction cards, When swiping left it will be a past. Swiping right is future tense. and swiping down is a present tense.

Artboard Copy 3.png

New word of the day

To keep engaging the student has planned some new words every day to learn something new - Inspired by apple sleep mode.

Artboard Copy 2.png

Match the meaning

To know more relevant words we have to match the words with the same meaning. So that users can learn some more words.


Since it's a proposal requested from the chief educational manager(CEM) in WSE, After creating the wireframes I have to explain this to Product managers & CEM.

Proposed Visuals

Due to the technical issue, we have to forced to go with the existing design. Here are some screens and we have done AB testing for the same in China and the rest of the world.

Artboard Copy 5.png
Artboard Copy 4.png

Validation: Evaluating interfaces and usability

I created some prototype to test with actual students in China and ROW. So we picked random students over some batches in the WSE shanghai center and other centers in ROW. We provided the actual prototype of activity with students and ask them to perform. Based on that we have prepared a validation report for china and ROW added below.  

Based on that we have modified with user feedback and do the same process again.

This time we as a team participated in usability testing with the help of user researcher in china. Rest of the world we took the interviews and prepared the document.


Not every time a designer gets a golden opportunity to design an end to end product with a large consumer base. I cherish this opportunity which helped me in improving myself as a product designer impacting thousands of people and businesses.

This time I have learned how to deal with actual users by conducting usability testing and all in China and the rest of the world. In China, we have hired a researcher who is helping us to discuss with students (Chinese known person). Rest of the world with the help of WSE Center head's we have conducted the test and get feedback about the activity. 

Additional Discussion

Points that are not covered in this case study but could be worth discussing in person

:• The detailed visual design process.
• Sketching alternative ideas & variants.
• Elaborated User testing.
• Design decisions across the app.
• Detailed prototypes for multiple platforms.

Proposed Screens

Artboard Copy 4.png
Artboard Copy 7.png
Artboard Copy 6.png
Artboard Copy 5.png
Artboard Copy 8.png

Let's Connect!

If you are thinking about hiring me or would like to discuss a project, get in touch with me at

Phone : +(91) 9500 230 527

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