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Hey there, I'm Vignesh, You can just call me Vickey.

I'm a passionate Product Designer and startup advisor, specializing in crafting exceptional user experiences. From user testing to high-level UX design and dynamic prototyping, I thrive on bringing delightful products to life.


Beyond the pixels and wireframes, I'm a devoted music lover – you'll rarely catch me without my headphones. Whether I'm designing or driving, there's always a soundtrack to my day.


As a car enthusiast, I find solace on the open road, making every trip an adventure. When I'm not navigating the digital landscape, I'm exploring the real world, one road trip at a time.


Movies are my cinematic escape, and I'm always up for a good film. Additionally, I'm an unapologetic foodie – because good design and good food both leave you with a sense of satisfaction.


Let's connect over design, music, road trips, movies, or the latest food discoveries. Looking forward to sharing stories and passions!


If you want to know more about work experience download my resume below.

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