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Project Type & Involvement

Work for Zoho Corporation - Product Design


Jun 2019 - Sep 2019




Zoho CRM is an old product which is having more than 50 sub-products in overall. So many people's involved over the years. Some designs crossed the generations and some features may not able to redesign due to heavy usage of the regular users.

So we have planning to make consistency all over the product. So we took (CTA) buttons first as a primary one to find the variety.

Here is the variety of problems listed below.

Getting Started.png
Add New.png

Finding the problems and giving the solution case by case.

Defining the Button Interaction & Style

After all the findings I have tried many versions for the colors, styles, interactions. Some samples are attached.


Color Options

Defining the Final Button Style


Take away

When trying to improve the existing design we have to find the problem first.

Anyone can able to redesign in a trendy way or do some drastic changes in the design but fixing the existing issue is one of the difficult parts.

In this component, I have to search for each and every case and fix it one by one. In some duplicate button cases, I have to discuss with over 20 people for a single case. Talked around 150 people whom all are working with this product in the last 10yrs. When we need to find a problem we need to travel with it, Then we can able to find more than we expected. 

After all, I got satisfied with the finding level which I do not get easier and I hope that's what I learned from this.

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